Pueblos Phase 3 Association

Pueblos Phase 3 Association

Located in Las Cruces, NM, the Pueblos at Alameda Ranch Phase 3 is a beautiful, private, gated community.  It is night sky friendly for starlight viewing.  It has a well maintained large pool and clubhouse.  The streets are paved and curbed.  There are two gated entrances, west and east.  The common areas are wisely landscaped with native plants.

Anyone selling their property in the community must provide their buyer an HOA Disclosure Certificate in advance of the closing date.  These must be requested to the HOA Manager and paid for by the Seller before one will be provided.

Anyone wishing to make renovations or additions to their property must submit their plans and explanation of the scope of work for approval prior to the start of the work.  Email all documents to pueblos3association@gmail.com.

Mailing Address:  Pueblos 3 Association, 4121 Espana Way, Las Cruces, NM 88011

Pueblos Phase 3 Board Members (2019):

Officer/President:  Lee Silverman
Officer/Vice President:  Farrell Thurston
Officer/Treasurer:  Phil Kaufman
Officer/Secretary:  Kristina Brantley
Directors at Large:  Norma Jean O'Leary, Joanne Gerber, Marty Hart, TW Jackson, Sandra Parks

Design Committee & Landscape Chair:  Debra Sands-Miller
CCR Committee Chair:  Kristina Brantley
Clubhouse/Pool Committee:  Grace Brock & Tiffany Hunt
The HOA Fees & Special Assessment are billed together at beginning of year with the first half due by January 31, the second half  due July 31.  The 2018 association fees are  $450 and the special assessment is $150 for a total of $600.   The first $300 due 1/31/18 and the second $300 due 7/31/18.
HOA Management provided by: 
Good Earth Real Estate, LLC
212 W Hadley Ave
Las Cruces, NM 88005